About Us

360 Security provide complete IP surveillance and security solutions, combining expertise in solution design with access to technology from best-in-class manufacturers.

We offer intelligent solutions, support and professional services
that protect assets and improve business performance, working
in close partnership with system integrators, consultants, and
vendors to deliver superior value for end users.

Over 20 years of experience in the industry and our teams of
highly experienced and accredited industry experts provide
award-winning support that adds real value to our network of customers

Our Values

Our Mission

We deliver products and solutions that enable our network partners to grow and succeed. Together we create a
safer and better world.

Our Vision

Become and remain partner of choice for our clients, contribute to their business success bymaintaining a competitive edge by offering value added solutions utilizing best of technologies.

Why Choose Us

Safe, guaranteed, and easy to use

Effective partnerships with international technology Leaders & First-Class venders
360 Security has premier business partnerships with the international leaders in security and technology industries. This ensures best of breed, state of art security & technology systems that are beneficial to our suppliers and customers
Transforming the value proposition for technology distribution
With our simple and unique business model, we deliver services to increase value and drive efficiency for our clients at all levels.
Value added technology distribution
360 Security is a key supplier of Security, Communications and Technology solutions based in UAE. We offer value addition, intelligent solutions, support, band professional services that improve business performance.
Products from leading worldwide suppliers.
Offering superior service and flexibility to our customers and vendors, offering a broad range of products, services, and solutions. 360 Security offers products from technology manufacturers and leading worldwide suppliers to its customers in Dubai and GCC.